European Economics 2015
Summer Programme

Programme 2015


Presentations and films
Lesson 1.
Tuesday 11th June
Room 808

True / False questionnaire

True / False answers
Lesson 2.
Friday 12th June
Room 808

How countries manage and mismanage their economies
Acronyms list
EU Budget. Money in, money out

Macro - budget and deficit
Macro exercise
EU Budget
Lesson 3.
Tuesday 16th June
Room 808

Grexit or not?
Greek 10-year bonds
Greek debt %GDP
Who bought the bonds?
IMF makes a profit of 2.5€ bn
Macro Revision
Failed austerity in Europe - the way out (2m)
The Greek Debt Crisis: Causes, Management and Possible Solutions
Where did the bailout money go?

Lesson 4.
Thursday 18th June
Room 808

Wealth and Growth

Growth (with Green GDP and HDI)
Research sources
HDI statistics (United Nations Development Programme)

Multidimensional poverty index (Wikipedia)
Gini Index

Wealth distribution exercise and discussion

USA wealth distribution (Politizane 6m)
The inequalities of wealth distribution: its economic and political consequences

Lesson 5.
Friday 19th June
Room 808

Fiscal Policy
Public social spending comparison pdf
World tax comparison
Tax bracket comparison (Wikipedia)
Unemployment benefit comparison pdf
US tax subsidies to industry pdf
Tax revenues OECD

Fiscal policy pdf DR
Monetary and fiscal policy 4m
Lesson 6.
Monday 22 June
Room 808

Fiscal Policy

Fiscal policy for ESSCALand

Lesson 7.
Tuesday 23rd June
Room 808

Agricultural Policy and World Food Security
The Meatrix (corporate control of agriculture based on The Matrix)
From Bretton Woods to the Euro (pdf DR)
World Food Security (pdf DR)
Lesson 8.
Monday 29th June.
Room 808?

Financial crashes

The 1929 Crash - YouTube (58m) Economic crises and speculation (DR)
The 1929 Wall Street Crash (DR)
The NewDeal (DR)