Economic Theory and Globalisation

Int 350   2016

The course will address contemporary economic and social issues through the lens of major thinkers in the intellectual tradition of political economy such as Karl Marx, Adam Smith and John Rawls. Its aim is to understand the problems that arise from the growth of international markets and globalization in connection with post-industrial societies. Through going back to the roots of economic thought, it will be shown that economic theory was once an equivalent to social theory, with room for ethical concerns that make possible dealing with what the economy ought to be like or what the goals of economic policy ought to be. In this regard, this course will address the normative implications of economic issues relevant for contemporary European post-industrial societies.

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Contact: David Rees, Amanar Akhabar, Thomas Hoerber.

Lesson 1
20 January
Room 511

David Rees
Theory, concept and history

Preparation for Marx 1:

Manifesto of the Communist Party
Karl Marx et Frederic Engels, 1848

Lesson 2
22 January
Room 808

David Rees
Karl Marx 1/3
Marx - his life and ideas
Charlie Chaplin. Modern Times. Factory scene
Fritz Lang. Metropolis. Ouverture
Life of Karl Marx (Daily Motion) (1h)
Student presentations: Alexane Adeux and Eliane Riley

Preparation for Marx 2:

Communist Profession of Faith
Engels, 1847

Lesson 3
29 January

David Rees
Karl Marx 2/3
Discussion of 'Communist Profession of Faith'
Globalisation and wealth distribution

Left or right?
USA wealth distribution (Politizane 6m)
Student presentations: Available / Available

Preparation for Marx 3:
Global Political Economy: Theory and Practice
Theodore H. Kohn. Pearson Longman, 2000
Ch 5. The historical structuralist perspective
Lesson 4
05 February

David Rees
Karl Marx 3/3
Cultural hegemony. Media and mind control

Tax the rich - an animated fairy tale
Neo-structuralism. Marxism in today's world
Crises of capitalism (David Harvey)
Crises and Capitalist Development
Concluding presentation on Marx
Student presentations: Jibri Nuriddin and Cristiana Drumond

Preparation for Keynes 1:

Globalony 2.0. Michael Veseth
Rowman & Littlefield, 2010
Ch 9.The Future of Globalization

Lesson 5
12 February
David Rees
Keynes 1/2
Keynes - an introduction. DR pdf
Student presentations: Paul Chautard and Sin Ying Yu
Preparation for Keynes 2:

Keynes. The Return of the Master. Robert Skidelsky. Penguin, 2010
Ch 5. The Keynesian Revolution: Success or Failure?
Lesson 6
19 February

David Rees
Keynes 2/2
John Maynard Keynes - Masters of Money (BBC)
Hayek versus Keynes (12m)
Student presentations: Alexia Potard and Rosa Marchesini
Keynesian theory and neoliberalism - some quick notes
The Means to Prosperity

Growth Volatility
Exchange rate volatility
Debt per capita
Debt % GDP
The Phillip's Curve

Lesson 7
2 March

Amanar Akhabar Leontiev 1/4
Student presentations: José Patricio Medalla and Jonathan Boudin
Leontiev Reading 1. Economic models-Big Questions and Big Numbers
Leontiev Reading 2. Proposal for Better Business Forecasting
Leontiev Reading 3. Nobel - lecture
Leontiev Reading 4. Observations on Some Worldwide Economic Issues of the Coming Years
Leontiev Reading 5. Disarmement
Leontiev Reading 6. The Future of the World Economy
Lesson 8
11 March

Amanar Akhabar Leontiev 2/4
Student presentations: Thibault Thomas and Philip Kahn

Lesson 9
18 March

Amanar Akhabar Leontiev 3/4
Student presentations: Elena Malinova and Clara Regis

Lesson 10
25 March

Amanar Akhabar Leontiev 4/4
Rodrigo Hernandez , Nathan Beraud and Myglange Ngnassi Nguelgna
Lesson 11
1 April
Thomas Hoerber
Friedrich Hayek 1/4
Student presentations: Charles Le Chevert and Andres Alvarez
Lesson 12
08 April

Thomas Hoerber
Friedrich Hayek 2/4
Student presentations: Andres Quintero and Matteo Chiarelli

Lesson 13
15 April

Thomas Hoerber
Friedrich Hayek  3/4
Student presentations: Montserrat Tellez and Augustin Breme
Lesson 14

Thomas Hoerber
Friedrich Hayek  4/4
Antoine Ricard and Available

Lesson 15
29 April

David Rees
Thomas Hoerber

Recommended additional reading

Globalisation and IPE
Globaloney 2.0 Michael Veseth
Globalization - a short history. Jûrgen Osterhammel and Niels Petersson
Overthrow: Amercica's century of regime change from Hawai to Iraq. Stephen Kinzer
The Poverty of Nations - a guide to the debt crisis. Altwater et al.
Chomsky and Globalisation. Jeremy Fox
Making globalisation work. Joseph Stiglitz

Pickety, Krugman and Stiglitz. The genius of Economics. (75m) (92Y Plus)
Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes
Marx's Ghost. Midnight conversations on changing the world. Charles Derber
Karl Marx. Francis Wheen
Marx on Globalisation. Dave Renton
Zombie Capitalism - global crisis and the relevance of Marx. Chris Harman
Marx and the alternative to Capitalism. Kieran Allen
An introduction to Marxist Economic Theory. Ernest Mandel
Keynes - the return of the master. Robert Skidelsky
The Battle of Bretton Woods. Benn Steil
A brief history of neoliberalism. David Harvey