Contemporary European Politics 2015.  INT 351-3A

Programme 2015


Presentations and films
Lesson 1.
Albrecht Sonntag
Friday 4 September
Lesson 2.
Albrecht Sonntag
Friday 11 September
Lesson 3.
Albrecht Sonntag
Friday 25 September
Lesson 4.
Albrecht Sonntag
Friday 2 October
Lesson 5.
David Rees
Friday 16 October

European enlargement

Supranational European bodies (picture)
Supranational European bodies (key)
The Copenhagen criteria
EU membership and partners
EU European Neighbourhood states
EU European Neighbourhood Policy (European Commission)

A history of empires (from 3000BC)
A brief history of EU enlargement (film from The Economist)
European Enlargement (film from the IIEA)
Turkey and the EU (pdf DR)

Lesson 6.
David Rees
Saturday 17 October.

The Single Market

EU minimum salaries (picture)

Belgium protests over low German low pay in EU complaint (FEBEU)
The Single Market Act II (pdf. EC)
EU pork production (Eurostat)

The Single Market is 20 years old (from the European Commission)
The Single Market (pdf DR based on the two films)

Lesson 7.
David Rees
Friday 30 October.

EU external Trade
European Commission DG Trade
EU Trade negotiations (DG Trade)
EU regulatory cooperation (DG Grow)
EU Trade in the World - data (EC)

EU TTIP negotiations (EC)
Dangers of TTIP (UKIP)
Pro-TTIP (IBT Partners)
EU TTIP 'myths' (EC)
EU Parliament curbs ISDS (Bloomberg)
TTIP - same mistakes as NAFTA (Real News. 6m)
NAFTA in perspective (Economy in Crisis. 3m)
NAFTA and Mexican agriculture (Real News. 8m)
TTIP - Wolf in Sheep's clothing (RAWW)
IBT PartnersLesson 8.
David Rees
Friday 30 October.

Lobbying in the EU part I 

The EU lobbyists
Lobbying Transparency Register (European Commission)
Biggest lobbyists in Brussels
Philip Morris in Brussels
Billy wants a dog (flv) (US)
Lobbyists (flv) (US)
What does a lobbyist do? (flv) (Germany)
Lobbying presentation (pdf)

Animal Transport
lobbying exercise
Compassion in World Farming
Animal Welfare Foundation
Eyes on Animals
Europgroup for Animals
World Animal Protection
European Commission on animal transport
Consulting companies in Brussels
FNTR (Franch Transport Association)
French Abattoir (film without commentary)
EFFAT - agreement on German minimum wage in the slaughterhouse industry
EU Parliament and animal transport (AWAT)

Exploitation of labour in German meat industry
Offshoring Danish jobs to Germany
Animal Transport (RSPCA)
Live transport of animals (mp4)
Calf transport (flv)
EU to Turkey animal transport (flv)

Lesson 9.
David Rees
Friday 6 November

Lobbying part II and Euroscepticism
The Eurobarometer

Lobbying presentations
Commission dialogues (Trade)
Stakeholder consultation tools (Commission)
President Juncker's 10 priorities (Commission)
The UK and Europe (DR)
The rise of UKIP (video)
Research - Euro-scepticism
David Cameron on the EU (Nov. 2015)

Lesson 10.
David Rees
Friday 13 November

EU budget
EU Commission: Financial programming and budget
EU expenditure and revenue
Who pays what? (BBC)
Where the money goes

EU video - budget
EU budget (pdf DR)
UK Complaint about budget use

Lesson 11.
David Rees
Friday 20 November

Common Agriculture Policy

Lesson 12.
David Rees
Friday 27 November

EU energy and environment policy Part I
EU Energy Key Figures (EC pdf)
Climate Action (link - EC)
Energy effiiciency (link - EC)
EU energy trends 2030 (link - DG Energy)

EU Energy - DR
Energy security in Europe (link to video - DG Energy)
Arctic map (gif)
Oil and gas lines (gif)
EU Climate Action. Video
Arctic energy race. Video

Energy research groups
1. Greenhouse gas emmissions and 2020 targets
Fossil fuels
2. Oil security
3. Gas security
4. Coal security
Non-fossil based energy
5. Nuclear power
6. Solar power
7. Wind power
8. Hydroelectric power
9. Geothermal power
Energy conservation
10. Energy efficiency

Research objectives

Past (history / development), Present (supply lines, % total energy, imports, exports), and Future - the EU's position and yours.

Main differences among countries (best/worst)

The presentation (pdf recommended) should be ready for next Thursday (4 December). 5-10m per group.
Be precise and synthetic.
Before or after the lesson the presentation should be sent to me to go onto this website for future use.

Lesson 13.
David Rees
Friday 4 December

EU energy and environment policy Part II and EU PAC part I
Energy presentations

Lesson 14.
David Rees
Friday 11 December

PAC and World Food Security

CAP (EU Commission)
Farm Subsidies
Agricultural import duties
US food subsidies
CAP (pdf DR)
Introduction to CAP (video)
Food for the stomach - biofuels and food security (video)
Food speculation (video)
MacDonalds and food industrialisation
Corn-fed beef and sustainability
Feedlot pollution
The Meatrix (video)